Bicycle Repairs

We have four full time mechanics on staff during the summer and have a total of over 40 years of wrenching experience spread through our work force. Though we strive for prompt next day service, during the busy times of the year it is a good idea to call ahead and make an appointment (208-882-0703).

Standard tunes are $50. If the tune requires installation of new parts, the labor bumps up to $75 to cover the extra time involved in bolting on the new bits.

Service Type & Parts Price Range Charge $50 $75 $150
Estimate Repairs Free x x x
Check Chain Wear Free x x x
Fill Tires Free x x x
Lube Chain Free x x x
Fix Flat $8 + $7/tube x x x
Replace Tires $8 + $20-60/tire x x x
Clean Chain $10 x x x
Clean Bike $20 x x x
Adjust Gears $10/end x x x
Adjust Brakes $10/end x x x
Adjust Hub $10 x x x
True A Wheel $10-$20 x x x
Lube Cables $5 x x x
Adjust Headset $5 x x x
Torque All Bolts $10 x x x
Replace/Overhaul Hub Bearings $20 x x
Replace Cables $10 + $3/cable x x
Replace Housing $10 + $3/foot x x
Replace Cranks $20 + $35-90/cranks x x
Replace Chain $10 + $16-45/chain x x
Replace Spoke $20 + $1-2/spoke x x
Replace Derailleur Hanger $15 + $20-25/hanger x x
Wrap Handlebars $10 + $15-40/tape x x
Replace Brake Pads $10 + $10-25/pad set x x
Steel Frame Alignment $50 x
Bleed Hydraulic Brakes $30/end x
Suspension Shock Service $100-150 x
Face Head Tube $20 x
Face Disc Brake Tabs $20 x
Face/Chase Bottom Bracket $20 x
Build Custom Wheel $40 + parts x